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The Miz City Church Story

The Miz exists to create sacred spaces where all people can get connected to God and each other. We were birthed through the vision and leadership of our founding and lead pastor, Daniel Zopoula.

Pastor Daniel has a unique calling and ministry in the world. Born in Burkina Faso, Africa, in the midst of poverty and famine, he emerged from those circumstances ready to embrace God’s leading and calling on his life.

After serving in a variety of ministries throughout Africa, he came to Canada in 1994 to continue theological studies. After a season of study and serving in other congregations, Pastor Bill Calderwood invited him to serve at a church in Lethbridge. Once here, Pastor Daniel also started Bridges of Hope, an international development agency. Bridges of Hope helps people leverage their contribution toward relief from poverty—whether economic, relational, spiritual or otherwise—to shape the world positively for a common good.

After devoting a season to advancing Bridges of Hope full time, Pastor Daniel joined with others to begin a new faith family that created greater connection and capacity to advance this mission in the world: Connecting All People Through Christ. In 2008, the Miz City Church was born.

Formally, we are organized as the Misericordia Fellowship Centre. Informally, the Miz City Church. Misericordia is a Latin word that means ‘mercy heart’. At our core, our calling, identity, and method are defined by mercy. We exist only because we first received mercy, and now feel called to extend it to the entire world.

In 2014, we moved into our current location, the former First United Church building. 11 years after our formation, our humble church in Lethbridge regularly sends out people from our midst across the globe, around the country, and into our city to see the hope of the gospel change lives, one at a time.

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